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Banking Services

For questions relating to our current commercial and general banking services offerings, please contact us at:

Mailing Address:
Vancity Community Investment Bank
#1800-200 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3T4
Phone: 1-888-708-7800

For general inquiries or questions regarding your prior retail account, including loans, please contact us at:

Toll-free phone: 1-888-708-7800
Telephone device for the deaf: 1-888-702-7702

Mailing Address:
Vancity Community Investment Bank
PO Box 13133, Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 6K1

Visa Card Services

Visa Card Services – Customer Service, Transaction and Balance Questions

For Prepaid Cards

To review account activity, dispute a transaction, or all other customer service inquiries, call the number on the back of your card. Different card programs have different customer service toll free number.

Sometimes you will have feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, or general inquiries about our Vancity Community Investment Bank products that you want a higher level response to.

Please provide your name, address, phone number and details of your feedback. We will get back to you within five business days of receiving your feedback.

Email Contact:

Phone Contact: 1-866-760-1543 (press * to speak to an agent)

Mail Contact:

Attention: Director of Payment Solutions Delivery
Vancity Community Investment Bank
PO BOX 8000, Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B 4E2

For Credit Cards Only

To report your credit card lost or stolen, review account activity, dispute a transaction, or all other customer service inquiries, call Credit Card Cardholder Services at 1 800 611 8472 or if you prefer email us at

Resolving Your Complaint

At Vancity Community Investment Bank, we take client service very seriously and have procedures in place to handle any written or verbal complaint received from clients in a fair and prompt manner.  We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback as it will ultimately help us improve our products and services.

We will provide you with acknowledgement that we received your complaint without delay.  We endeavour to resolve your complaint as soon as practical and resolutions should take no longer than 56 days from the date the complaint was received. If a complaint cannot be resolved within 56 days, a communication will be sent to notify you of the reason for the delay along with an estimate of the time required to complete the response.

To file a complaint or to escalate a complaint that is not resolved to your satisfaction, please follow the steps outlined below:

Internal Review Steps

Step 1: Talk to the Customer Service Representative or Relationship Manager relevant to your complaint:

Step 2: Escalate your Complaint

If you feel we did not resolve your concern to your satisfaction, please ask the Customer Service Representative or Relationship Manager that your concern is escalated to a supervisor or Manager.

Step 3: Contact our designated Senior Complaint Officer

If your complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction after completing Step 1 and 2, please contact our designated Senior Complaint Officer in writing via email at:  The Senior Complaints officer will only review your complaint after you have received a response from the supervisor or Manager involved in the Step 2.

The Senior Complaints Officer will provide VCIB’s final decision and explain how the outcome was made.

Resolution Through an External Complaint Body

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) has been appointed to undertake an independent review of complaints.  You may take your complaint to the OBSI when:

1. We are unable to provide a resolution within 56 days from the time you escalated the complaint, or
2. Within 180 days of receiving a response letter from Vancity regarding your complaint.

Contact OBSI:

  • Mail: 20 Queen Street West, Suite 2400
    P.O. Box 8
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 3R3

Contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

The FCAC supervises federally regulated financial institutions to ensure they comply with federal consumer protection laws.  If you have a complaint concerning any of the above, you may contact the FCAC at:

  • Address: 6th Floor, Enterprise Building, 427 Laurier Avenue, West Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9
  • Phone: 1-866-461-3222
  • Website:

Privacy Complaints

You can direct any complaints, concerns or questions regarding the privacy, confidentiality and security of your personal information in writing to the Chief Privacy Office.

VCIB will acknowledge, record and investigate each privacy complaint it receives.  Clients who submit a written privacy complaint to VCIB, at the address specified below, will receive a response from VCIB within a reasonable time period.

Contact Information:

  • Mail: Vancity Community Investment Bank
    Corporate Privacy Office
    183 Terminal Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V6A 4G2
  • Email:

If the Chief Privacy Office is unable to address your concerns, you can escalate the issue to Senior Complaint Officer in writing via email at:

At any point in this process you may also write to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

  • Toll free: 1-800-282-1376
  • Fax: (819) 994-5444
  • Mail: 30 Victoria Street, Gatineau, QC K1A 1H3
  • Website:

Our Commitment to the Seniors Code

What is the Code?

The Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors (“Seniors Code”) released by the Canadian Bankers Association, is a code that applies to all Canadian banks who serve at least in part, customers over the age of 60. The Seniors Code includes seven principles which outline how a bank can better serve and accommodate the needs of older Canadians as well as the actions that can be taken to do so.

Our Commitment in Action

As a member of the CBA, we are committed to the ongoing evaluation of our program to ensure the principles as set out in the Seniors Code are fulfilled.

Our program includes:

  • Established policies, procedures, and processes to support the code.
  • Established processes to mitigate potential financial harm to seniors.
  • Established resources available to employees dealing with seniors to help them understand their banking needs.
  • Established training to our employees who serve seniors.
  • Established resources and coaching to support effective communication with seniors.
  • Consideration of market demographics and the needs of seniors while developing products and services.
  • Publicly disclose the steps taken to support the principles set out in the Code.

To learn more about our commitment to the Seniors Code, please click to view as PDF.

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a member of CDIC and is a Certified B CorpTM