Who is Vancity Community Investment Bank?

Our bank is built on the premise that all companies should make a positive difference in their communities. We were one of Canada’s first online banks, and in 2009, we moved to a more streamlined business model that focuses on our strengths: our Visa credit card and prepaid card business, our foreign exchange services, and our commercial real estate lending.

Vancity Community Investment Bank Foreign Exchange Division

Our head office is in Vancouver with regional offices in Toronto and Calgary. We have more than 20 years’ experience in foreign exchange and offer personalized service, timely trade execution, and access to the latest foreign currency information. We are values-based, which means we help our clients reach their financial goals while contributing to healthy, sustainable communities. For example, Vancity Community Investment Bank (formerly Citizens Bank of Canada) was the first North American-based bank to be carbon neutral.

Ethical principles for business relationships

Four ethical principles guide the decisions we make every day about our current and future business relationships:

  • Economic and social inclusion for all people
  • Strong and resilient communities
  • Leadership in sustainability and environmental issues
  • Leadership that is accountable and engages in co-operative principles and practices

We review these principles regularly to ensure they are relevant to our business and offer clear guidance to our decision-makers.

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Wholly owned by Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union

Vancity Community Investment Bank is wholly owned by Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union in English speaking Canada.

Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative serving more than 500,000 member–owners and their communities through 58 branches in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Victoria and Squamish. As British Columbia’s largest community credit union, Vancity uses its $17.5 billion in assets to improve its clients’ financial wellbeing while contributing to communities to help ensure they are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

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Member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a proud member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). CDIC is a federal Crown corporation that was created in 1967 to protect the money Canadians deposit in member financial institutions, in the event of their failure.

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Schedule 1 chartered bank

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a Schedule 1 chartered bank operating under federal guidelines and regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a member of CDIC and is a Certified B-CorpTM