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Please let us know what your foreign exchange needs are, including your time frame and the foreign currencies you want to exchange.

(For example: Your company has EUR payables that are due monthly, but you would like to amortize the rate—or your company will be purchasing a helicopter from the US shortly and you would like an indication rate.)

Daily FX currency news and commentary

Foreign Exchange Market Commentary

Our foreign exchange market commentaries provide you with daily updates on several currency rates (including USD/CAD and EUR/CAD), markets to watch, and in-depth commentary on events affecting the foreign exchange currency market. Updated every business day by 8 a.m. Pacific Time.


Contact us for more information or to talk about your foreign exchange needs for your personal or business banking.

Transfer money—wire instructions

A wire transfer is a convenient method of sending funds from one person or business to another electronically. In FX terms, it refers to sending funds in a foreign currency.

Contact us if you need help transferring money or have questions about wire transfers.

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